The story of the story

When I opened this blog, I had the idea of telling the story of the story. How it came up, was it difficult or not, what were my feelings of the moment. It appears that feelings go away quickly. If they are not written when they happen it is something lost. I have a few chapters already written, but I am waiting for publication, because it is a one shot writting most of the time, and I need to read them again, so I can correct inconsistency or just mistakes. Spelling and grammar ones. When I can see them !

What can I say about this second chapter ? It was less easy than the first one. The idea was to go on with the story through a conversation between a mother – against space travel – and her daugther.

The dialogue came rather naturally, but I didn’t know how to end it, so I made the mother hang up on her daughter. It was simple, wasn’t it ?

Ending the chapter thereafter wasn’t very difficult. I was already thinking on what I was about to write the next week. Because I try to write a chapter every week. I really don’t know if it will be possible on a long time. Until today, It works. Just cross the fingers 🙂


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