About chapter 13

So it was it ! I was about writting the chapter with the flashing scene. The scene I have dreamt on since the beginning, the scene that was going to change Beth’s status. She was not in a body but in a machine.

I can rewrite my pitch now : coming from a world where spatial travel is being thought possible only with minds, Beth a young Earthling discovers – at her expense – that not only physical transports exist, but also they could be just a “body” with the mind of a person inside.

And so our Earthling who is activating her abilities with her emotions since the beginning (remember the astral projection she did when she was at the lottery travel center after a quarrel with her boyfriend) has activated a great one this time.

I was so impatient to write this scene, that when the time came it was like “oh, what am I going to say now” and thereafter “oh this is only that”. Never satisfied.

And what role would I give to the Major ? At the very beginning I thought him like colonel O’Neal in SG1 – not nasty but stubborn. Then I wanted to make him nicer, and so there was the journey to the Great Waterfall. But he is still a professional soldier, and Beth knows that.

Then Beth has to convince Star Shining in the Vastness of the Universe not to say anything. It is certainly the weakness of this chapter : he agrees too quickly. A secret for a secret, a mutual trust. Elisa is angry at the Major. She want him to tell her the truth, and ask Star Shinning in the Vastnes of the Universe to convince him.

What do you think the Major is going to do ? You will see in the next chapter, next week:)


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