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My apologies for the expression. Past is very difficult to me in English.

Monsieur Barrat
He was my french teacher at the college – first years of secondary education in France. He gave us to read a book that make me really like writers “Au bonheur des dames” by Emile Zola. I already liked to write at the moment, but it was just teenager diary things. But this author make me see writting another way.
Mélanie worked at the Library of Reims. I met her on a tatami, when I was practizing aikido. One day, she asked me to come with her to a writting workshop. Thanks to her, this year, I was able to write regularly.
Gisèle Bienne
She was the author who animated the workshop. The theme was “Houses on earth”. I was so desapointed by this subject. But she had a manner of talking to you, to encourage you, that every evening that I came I was able to write something 
Katy Pinto
Katy is my second writting workshop animator. With Katy, I learned to play with words. Logo-rallye was the one I prefered. You are given a list of words and you have to write a story with them.
I am sure she will wonder why she is in this list. It is because of what  she had done with her painting. It is about passion, expression, feelings. Something that can keep your mind out of the everyday troubles. A sort of head washer. And for me, writting could be this.
Luc Perrot
One day a friend shared a Luc Perrot’s picture on facebook, and then I went to his facebook page to see more. I found there awsome, beautiful pictures, especially those landscapes wih stars. When I decided to make this blog, I thought about him, and he nicely accepted me to make a banner out of one of his picture. You can go to see all of them  son his site. On his facebook page he describes his pictures in French and in English. I find it very nice, and so I will do the same for my blog. Luc, you’re responsible for giving me twice more work  😉


  1. Moi aussi j’ai eu M. Barrat comme prof à Brou, mais en Histoire Géo. Je ne me souvenais pas qu’il enseignait aussi le français.

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