About chapter 3

It is the second chapter with a dialogue. Many characters (too much ?), cause Beth meets her friends at the bar. There are couples and some singles. About ten people  I think.

That was not easy when you just know in english the expression : “she said, or he answered”. In French I have much more vocabulary. I hesitated in writting the name with “:”, and I decided not to do it.

This chapter was written in two parts. When the first part was written, I thought it was a little too short. But I didn’t kwow how to go on. So I said to myself : that’s enough for this week, I’ll do it better next tuesday.

Then I have dinner with my dear sweetheart, and the bad guys was then invited in the conversation. I mean after dinner I go back to writting and create the drunk guy speaking to them.

I was happy wih this second part : good length for the chapter and the controverse against space travel going on.

After this chapter was ended, I tried to think at the next one. Previously it was decided that Beth would tell her boyfriend. But I had enough with dialogues. I wanted something else. So next chapter will be about a heavenly world, the first one snoopers can reach. I have some other plans for the boyfriend. To next week !



  1. Moi, j’aime bien les dialogues dans tous les textes : ils donne de la vie. Il faut bien sûr veiller à ce qu’ils ne “bouffent” pas le récit…

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