About chapter 7

Finally Beth travelled and saw what she has always dreamt to see.
We discover more on her abilities and more on the two characters who surpervise her travels.
In my first guidelines, the first trip had to be a nice one. And it seems to have been. But all is complicated by Beth’s behaviour that is according to our two watchers “everything but Human”.

Where are they coming from, those two guys ? Not sure you’re going to knowing it soon.

Next chapter would’ve have led Beth to an horrific world : a world in war. The point is I didn’t feel like writing about war. So I’ll follow another lead : the one opens by the memory erasing. See you on chapter 8 !



  1. Moi non plus je n’aime pas trop lire des descriptions de pays en guerre, alors cela me convient très bien que tu aies changé ton projet.

    • Tu m’en vois ravie. Ça veut dire que l’intrigue fonctionne. J’espère que tu resteras frustrée jusqu’à la fin et que tu m’en voudras énormément pour l’épilogue et encore plus pour le premier chapitre du deuxième volet des aventures d’Élisa Martin.

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