About chapter 12 – part two

Here is the next part of the chapter which I fear so much not to have enough to say that it is worth two of them at the end.

At school : what is it going to happen at school ? What could be the questions of the children by the way ?
It was easy to me to feel this mutual inti between Beth and his young audience. Her, a bit anxious of their curiosity, and them, facing a mysterious being. But it has to remain children qurstions. In the French version I use the familiar « tu » form, like it would happen on Earth. And the first question was about teh eventuality of a boyfriend. I don’t know if childhood is something universal, but I considered it so : kids are the same everywhere.
And there was something else that I knew : I didn’t want this exchange to last too long. So the idea that it has to be interrupted crossed my mind. And Beth’s abilities would be behind. So I had the idea of the gold ring hymn which would make Beth go into a trance and see in the heart of the children.
This is their fervour which make her able to see. It can be figured out that by singing, they can see the gold ring. They were thinking about it and this collective picture has touched her deep inside, and was drawn on the board.
From Beth Earthling viewpoint or form Dalygarians’, this gift was unexpected.
Beth, who untill now managed her abilities as if they were normal suddently understand she is overwhelmed ? Frangrant Flower from Isadora Plain makes her smile again by teasing her husband, showing that way her support and her friendship.
Logically, the chapter would have ended there. But I wanted something else. Something with the Major.
And here he comes by Star and Flower home to pick Beth for an outdoor journey : to the famous Great Waterfall the children have talked about. This one to one meeting was supposed to warm up the relationships between those two beings, considering the bad begining they have both taken.
The dive will be the only moment she will really be angry at him.
He takes up his intructor role again by learning her how to swim like a Dalygarian. I have to say this is one of my dream to be able to swim underwater for a long time without a dive bottle and a mask. Hurrah for Dalygaran ! Of course, under there, this is fantastic. And the moonfish as you can imagine is born by analogy with the starfish.
In my mind, this outing is a sort of present from the Major to Beth. It is easy to imagine he likes this style of journey and that he wanted to share that with the one who don’t stop to surprised him since she arrived.
And here is all that I can say about this chapter 12, part 2.


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