About chapter 12 – part one

Once again, this chapter was a problem. I decided the number of days Beth would stay on this planet, but with absolutely no idea of what she would be going to do.

Well, I had a meeting with children in a school, but this will be told in the second part. So what could Beth do with her time ? Spend her mornings with the Major and her afternoons with Fragrant Flower from Isadora Plain. So was it decided. Then the two Beths could be shown at the same time : the stranger with special abilities in a man body and the girl with her fully earthling talents. That’s how the test of pendula and the plaiting session were born.

For the rest, you will discover next week, nothing deliberate; that was just continuous-flow writing. At the end it makes a lot. So I cut the text in two parts for the translation. You should just know that you will learn more about Beth’s abilities and the Major. Well, most probably …;)


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