About chapter 14

At the beginning, the third part of the story was supposed to have 5 chapters maximum. Here is the sixth and it is the last but one. I cannot make up my mind to end the story here. So there will be two parts : the waiting of the Great Council decision and the return on Eath.Our heroine is at breaking point. If she gets support from her hosts, she is very disappointed with the Major’s behaviour. It is finally surprising that a chapter can rely just on this.  But this story is like the Tom Thumb one : many are the the little white pebbles dropped down here or there to lead you on the way, later. And when I say later, I do not speak of next chapters, but next story.

This chapter is a chapter with little white pebbles like others I did not mentioned. Get ready to be frustrated : next chapter will give some clues but not all of them. Do not miss the last chapter next week and its epilogue – which will be the link to the next adventure.


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