Matter of time

Here is the title of the next story. It is still a work in progress. Only a french version for the moment. I wait to have the story all finished to start translation.And publication won’t start before the first chapter will be translated.
I plan to write 3 parts too this time and some pieces of the third story are already written. Because I am sure now there will be at least three “episodes”. For the first story it was almost the same : I haven’t finished it that I was writing some peaces of the second story. The most complete was the second story last chapter, which become now the first of the third story.
What can I say about this second story if I don’t want to do any spoiler? Not that easy!
I can just say that Beth is still at the center and continue to evolve. I hope this second episode will surprise you. See you in one month (or a bit more)!


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