High in Translation

On the 23rd of December two articles were published. Chapter 15 was not supposed to be ready. It is why I planned a season’s greetings article, as a replacement. Well, I thought the crowd of my readers wouldn’t be angry to have to wait that way. But, as I had a long night flight to come to visit my family for Christmas, I thought I should try to translate at an altitude of 33,000 feet. Have you ever tried to travel in an economic class between Reunion Island and France?
The lack of place is blatant. This is the time you feel like cattle. You nearly have the nose on the seat in front of you, and this whatever is the flying Company. So after the meal I took out my computer and try to put it on the table. My poor 13 inches was too big! The screen bumped into the seat in front of me. I had to keep my elbows close to my body not to hit my neighbors while tipping! That was a real concentration exercise. But I succeeded. And chapter 15 was translated from English into French over Africa I guess. I just had to find an Internet connection to be able to send it to my blog, when I arrived in France. And that was it. This is the story of chapter 15.
There are now two chapters left, and I am sure they won’t be both published before the end of the year. Just because of one thing: only one over two is written, and the one that is—chapter 16—is not corrected yet. Chapter 16 is before the wedding, and chapter 17 is the wedding day. I hope you will enjoy them … in 2016 🙂



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