Part 5 : a work in progress

I have been writing part 5 for a couple of months now, but I wasn’t that productive 😉
After the two first chapters, which described just what happened after the wedding, I had a “blank”.
I really didn’t know what to do with my characters. And one day, after a painting session, that was it. Inspiration came back.
Today, three chapters have been edited and two are about to be. You’ll learn more about Frigellyans and about Sylvester’s life. Very First Gold Ring Ray will have some troubles.
As I wish to publish my writtings when both English  and French versions are ready, it is likely I won’t publish anything before October. So be patient. And come back soon 🙂



  1. Bonjour Annie. Je sais que le post n’est pas récent (antédiluvien?), mais je viens de voir : “Rendez-vous dans un peut plus d’un mois”. Je ne pense pas qu’il y a de t à peu.

    • Il n’y a clairement pas de t à peu. Je corrige ça dès que je suis à la maison. J’étais super optimiste. Partie 5 maintenant c’est pour 2017

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