Going on part four next week

I haven’t finish to write the end of this fourth part yet, but chapter 7 will be published next Wednesday. New characters appeared recently, like Nelly or adult Lucia. Soon, there will be another one, a Dalygaran, and this from chapter 8.

At the end of this story, any characters will be in place to take part of the final piece, which has no title yet. I know few about this fifth part, except the final scene, as usual I would say. When I think back on how all this started, a vague idea about mind travelling, I am confident my characters will have good spatiotemporal adventures.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to chapter 7. Lucia has just arrived, and the Major decided to go on Dalygaran alone. Beth is supposed to take care of Lucia during this day. Will anything happen as expected? Has it ever happened? There is only one way to know: come and read. See you soon 🙂


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