About chapter 13

When I first started this blog, I decided to write the chapters first in English. It lasted 5 chapters, and after, I gave up and wrote them in French first. At that time this was the easiest way for me to go on this story.
Then I took lessons – English lessons, and especially I subscribed to a Mooc called “Crafting an Effective Writer”. This was the first time I think that I learn how to write in English. And I am not just speaking of spelling, but of methods. I loved this course, and as soon as I finished it, I decided to write the first version of each chapter in English.

Chapter 13 is the first of the series. I really enjoyed doing this. The hardest had been the two first sentences, and then, it was easy.

Translating from English to French was something difficult and very long. Doing the contrary today is faster and a kind of cakewalk…

Since the beginning, my English version is edited by a native English speaker who also is a writer. So each chapter can evolve more than a bit on his advice if necessary.

When I was writing the English version after a first translation from French, before I published my two versions on this blog, I had a last read through to do, to report these modifications on the original French version. This long and boring stage is over now. What I translate today is the definitive – well temporary definitive – version. And as I am rather comfortable with French, this is more an adaptation than a translation. Exactly what I wanted to do at the beginning…


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